Iron Minks/Gunpowder Vans

The GWR was a pioneer in the introduction of iron chassis, and logically continued this development to include bodies from the  late 19th century. This resulted in the famous Iron Mink, and over 25 years, some 20,000 or more entered service, lasting until the 1950s in revenue and the 1980s in departmental use. The design was so successful that it was copies by several other railways and private wagon builders. Further historical information can be obtained from ‘GWR Iron Minks’, published by the HMRS.

These models features a plastic injection-moulded body and chassis, metal-tyred wheels on shouldered axles, fitted  in compensated axle-boxes, sprung buffers and hook draw-gear with three-link couplings.A removable steel slab  is clipped to the floor inside the body to bring the model to an optimum weight

Three liveries are available: GWR with 25” lettering, GWR with 16” lettering and British Railways unfitted grey.