About our models

Why a new approach?

We have seen many announcements of new projects in the last three or four years, very few of which have actually been delivered. This is frustrating and annoying to our friends and fellow modellers, so in the best British tradition, we decided to do it ourselves and show that models can be delivered on time and in a realistic time frame. We care about our models and our customers. Each model we sell will be tested in China and the UK, which is why Minerva’s models will only be available from Minerva Models. In this way, we intend to establish the best reputation for quality and service. The downside is that it will involve extra work and time, but this is a price well worth paying.

What’s different about Minerva?

Lots of things!!!

  1. The owners are committed 7mm scale modellers
  2. Minerva’s models will only be available from Minerva Models or added value suppliers
  3. Each model will be checked and run before delivery.
  4. The research and checking of each model is thorough and ongoing.
  5. And we will deliver in a reasonable time!!!!