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The Great Western Railway built a huge number of open wagons, designated eventually by the Code O. They ranged from one to seven planks and were ubiquitous throughout the United Kingdom.

Minerva’s model depicts the five-plank version introduced around 1902-4 to Dia O11. The first were fitted with DC1 brake-gear, but this was changed to DC3 after a few years when the Board of Trade insisted on either side brakes.  A large number were fitted with sheet supporting rails, but not all.

Minerva’s model OPEN A is the first in a range of similar wagons, and comes with DC3 brake-gear and optional sheet rail. It is available in four liveries:  1903 Great Western, 1923 GW, 1936 6” GW and British Railways unfitted.  Three different numbers for each livery, except the 16″ GW (4 numbers) and the 6″ GW (2 numbers).

The models feature a plastic injection-moulded body and chassis with full internal detail, metal-tyred wheels on shouldered axles fitted  in compensated axle-boxes, sprung buffers and hook draw-gear with three-link couplings. A steel ballast weight is hidden inside the floor to ensure good running.

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25" Great Western, 16" Great Western, 6" Great Western, BR


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